Is it easy to do business with you?

There’s no reason why small business owners shouldn’t maximize their online potential. After all, there’s usually much less bureaucracy when it comes to making changes for a small business, but many owners don’t know what to change.

The key is to make it as easy to do business with you online as it is offline, since the more business you conduct online, the lower your overhead is likely to be. If you’re selling products, it is crucial you offer an online catalog. In the Market Barometer survey, many respondents decided not to tackle that on their own. Instead, they reported that they focused on their “core strengths” and turned to experts for help creating online catalogs or developing new sales strategies.

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The importance of a good online strategy and the death of ‘Gourmet’ magazine

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Gourmet Magazine‘Gourmet’ magazine has given up the ghost after a generation, with some offering their theories and opinions. One opinion comes from Christopher Kimball, editor of Cooks Illustrated and front man of America’s Test Kitchen, via NYT.