Search Engine Optimization

If you rely on search engines to accurately categorize your business, you may find that you don't show up where you think you should. Optimizing your site is essential to communicate with search engines correctly and influence where you return in the search results.

  • Where does your site rank on Google, Yahoo! and Bing?
  • What words do your customers use to search for you?
  • Are you listed in local directories? Google maps? Yahoo! Small Business Directory?
  • Do you know how your competition would answer the above questions?

Return On Investment (ROI)

Advertising your business using traditional methods can be a costly proposition. Consider the costs of producing materials and placing ads, then consider the difficulty tracking those methods and your marketing plan will quickly become a headache.

Search engine optimization is not only cost effective, but it also allows businesses to gain a far wider audience than normally possible or practical. Effective search engine optimization can give businesses the visibility they require, whether they are a small business dependent on local results or an international business looking for global visibility.

Optimizing for search engines involves on-site and off-site methods that allow you to communicate to search engines using their language, giving you the ability to influence how your site is ranked.

Search Engine Services

  • Doubletime will analyze your website structure and code to show opportunities for increasing your online accuracy and visibility
  • Your website SEO Analysis shows the most important metrics for search engine page ranking and provides a baseline to measure growth
  • Keyword analysis to accurately communicate your product, service and target customers
  • Back-end code opportunities to increase keyword visibility and search engine communication
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